2015 Registration

Service Provider (BtoB): Includes Vendors, Agencies, Finance/Credit, TV/Radio/Print Media, Research Firms, or Email Providers. Limit three from each company, including all company divisions. First come, first served. Once a company has reached three representatives, no additional representatives will be accepted.

Consultant (BtoB): Representatives from companies employing five or fewer employees. Those from larger companies who register as a Consultant will be notified in a timely manner.

Educator/Student: Active, full-time Professors and Students. May not be employed by a Service Provider.

Retailer (BtoC): Full time, current employment with Brick and Mortar Retail, Restaurant, Grocery, Hotel, Airline, Retail Banking, or Online Retailer. Retail registrations are subject to approval by CRMC. Non-retailers who register as such will be notified in a timely manner.

CRMC 2014 Hotel Reservations Page: https://resweb.passkey.com/go/CRMC2014

CRMC makes every effort to quickly notify non-retailers who register for retailer passes by accident. However, CRMC reserves the right to cancel or charge non-retailers the correct rate if they have incorrectly registered as a retailer. CRMC also reserves the right to cancel a registration and process a full refund if the company in question has reached its limit of allotted company representatives.

In the event that you must cancel your registration, you may send a colleague from your company in your place at no extra charge. Otherwise, cancellations will be subject to a $150 processing fee (prior to May 15, 2014) or $300 (after May 15, 2014).